Camp Onomia was founded in 1949 as the American Lutheran Memorial Camp by the Synod, in memory of  American Servicemen of World War II. 


The area was chosen for its beauty.  It is located near Mille Lacs Kathio State Park in a region full of history.


As Founder, Builder, and Partner of the American Lutheran Memorial Camp, Camp Onomia, Dr. Braun drove over one quarter million miles around the State of Minnesota during his lifetime in support of the camp and camp business.  The Dr. Braun memorial chapel is located on the campgrounds and shares architectural roots with the Minnesota State Capital Grounds.  The different slopes of the chapel roof both unify the building with the camp while suggesting the higher purpose.


Dr. Braun, the son of a Lutheran Missionary to America, brother of a lifelong ELCA medical missionary to New Guinea, Ted Braun, M.D. of the Braun Memorial Hospital in PNG, past President of Wartburg College, and Lutheran Bishop of the ELCA has now passed on.  His works and memory live on.